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Branding and web design

Branding Design. Photography. Web development.


Intelligent. Not Corporate.

Dr Rory Allott came to us looking for branding that represented who he is as an individual, his beliefs and his approach to his ground-braking work in the field of mental health care. It was important that we understood what he did, how he work was conducted and the environment he wanted to create. Having worked with Dr Allott previously in partnership with The Paisley Productions to produce a film about his work in early intervention (Creative Wolf provided the music) we had a fairly good idea to begin with.

The only real branding instruction we received was that it was to look professional, but the antithesis of corporate. The style would then feed the look and feel of the subsequent website development. The website was a platform for Dr Allott’s training programs for health professionals, particularly in the field of Motivational Interviewing. to get a real feel of how this works, Creative Wolf director was put through a session with Dr Allott, giving us a real understanding of the work. Like method acting for design…


We Listen.

Dr Allott wanted a logo with a device that could be used throughout his work – for example, on presentation screens at conferences or on written material, certificates and so on. The idea of a tree was suggested and pretty soon we had created a style and chosen colours. The logo had to work in any colour.


We Create.

Starting with old fashioned paper and a 4B pencil, each leaf was hand drawn and an individual colour picked. The emphasis of the tree with the leaves drifting off was to illustrate the expanding of ideas in the field of mental health care.


We Elevate.

When creating the site we did a photo portrait session with Dr Allott and he allowed us the freedom to explore design for the imagery on the website pages. We didn’t want to use the predictable imagery of conferences or any staged doctor meeting patient scenarios.