A family cafe bar with a sumptuous interior needs a website to match.


rade bar and cafe were looking for a website to show off their unique premises, offer practical answers to enquiries and to shout about their resplendent menu. They didn’t want any fuss, they were too busy looking after customers, so it was clear we would be required to dig in and get the work done with minimal disruption.

Content created without client homework.

Grade is a busy place and for the family owners, the hours are long enough without us setting them the task of coming up with the content. The solution was to take it off their hands completely.

There were so many exciting things to tell people, so many stories behind the founding of the cafe.

One cup of coffee revealed all the magic.

Initially we knew we needed the usual – menus, directions etc. But good content contains the stories behind the business. The reasons why they do it. So, we took along a voice recorder and chatted to owner Sarah about why they had started. In no time we had stories behind the search for their produce, how their families originated from Italy, how Sarah had grown up in a family restaurant.

One conversation gave us all we needed to write great copy from genuine and interesting anecdotes.

To bring the navigation of long menu pages together, relevant icons were created to add a touch of style.


hen you need to convey the details, the range of food, the space and the atmosphere, you need to pull in the best photographer. James from The Paisley Productions gave us all the excellent imagery we needed to make the website that bit more special. It was a trial for us to get through the food photography – some has to eat it. It’s rude not too.